Finger Weight Pattern Suggestions

Lesllie's Suggestions - Facebook Live October 21, 2021

Single Skein Shaw
l ideas
1. Venezia, Joji Locatelli
2. Lightweight Hipster, Joji Locatelli
3. Storm Shawl, Joji Locatelli
4. Reyna, Noora Backlund
5. Close to You, Justyna Lorkowska
6. Woollsia Shawl, Ambah O'brien
7. Wild at Heart, Meghan Macko
8. Shimmering Pearl, Lisa Hannes
9. Sky of Diamonds, Janina Kallio
10. Broken Wings, Joji Locatelli
11. Auspice, Lisa Mutch
12. Seiklus Shawlette, Justyna Lorkowska
2 Skein, Same color shawls
1. Cosmic Remix, Nadia Cretin-Lechenne
2. Ziggy shawl, Joji Locatelli
3. Rewilding Shawl, Helen Stewart
4. Bark Lines, Joji Locatelli
5. Nelia, Ambah O'Brien

2 Skein, DIFFERENT color shawls
1. Good Vibes, Nadia Cretin-Lechenne
2. Pure Joy, Joji Locatelli
3. Beautiful Day , Nadia Cretin-Lechenne
4. Cosmic Girl, Nadia Cretin-Lechenne
5. Rune shawl, Helen Stewart
6. Ebba's Garden, Joji Locatelli
7. The Girl from the Grocery Store shawl, Joji Locatelli
8. Tracie, Joji Locatelli
9. Crescendo, Janina Kallio
10. Age of Gold shawl, Joji Locatelli
Renate's Suggestions
Crochet Shawl Patterns with thoughts from Lynne
Here are some of the crochet shawl patterns I have saved on Ravelry.   ( this is the shawl I just finished and sent you pix)   ( uses light fingering malabrigo, should look amazing with tosh light)  ( calls for scheepjes whirl, tosh light should work well)   ( need lots of colors, it's a crochet mosaic pattern) ( illusion crochet, would be stunning in 2 colors) ( easy, and easy to scale up to shawl size)
This is a knit shawl pattern that I think is beautiful, maybe someday I will make it.
Lynne also reminded me of the Steve Rousseau Patterns - both crochet & knit There are many beautiful geometric shawls - and why I now use Knit Companion !